Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pollution in Møllendalselven

Møllendalselven Tributary

After some uncertainty, it is now blatantly clear that the building work in Møllendalsveien (to construct student apartments for SiB) is having a serious environmental impact on Møllendalselven. Previously I have caught them in the act of shoveling massive amounts of excavated ruble into the river, but now it is also clear that a huge amount of silt has been deposited on the river bed by drainage from the building site.
Where previously there were all sizes of rocks and weeds, providing hiding places for small trout that lived there, now there is only a layer of building-site silt.
Drainage pipes from Sib's building project,
leading to Møllendalselven

Visible water pollution by drainage pipes
in Møllendalselven

A dead fish (of dubious origin) on the river bed
Møllendalselven 10/07/2012
Mother with mature ducklings, run for cover
Møllendalselven 10/07/2012
The same family of ducklings in June 2012

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