Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Monthly Rapport
Rather than the rather random approach of blogging about individual fish sightings and such, I have decided to save individual daily observations and sightings, and to write a general summary at regular intervals (more or less monthly) instead. These are, after all, only general observations, and as many individual incidents are bound to go unnoticed by me, I will focus on general tendencies, developments, and of coarse the occasional one-off report on particularly dramatic or noteworthy events.
From Gamle Nygårdsbro (evening) 7th June 2012

Approach to Gamle Nygårdsbro (evening) 7th June 2012

Bird life
In spite of the fact that a new public artwork (entitled 60°N 05°E) now covers a small peninsula that was a particularly popular fishing spot for herons, I have spotted herons fishing from various positions around the installation when the tide permits it. There are at least two herons that fish in this area. On the 26th of June, I saw two herons standing on the same piece of shore line, beside the path around the water.
Heron By Gamle Nygårdsbro, Bergen

Heron By Gamle Nygårdsbro, Bergen

Two Herons At Florida By Nygårdsbroen 26/06/2012

Heron In Flight By Nygårdsbroen. Bergen 26/06/2012

Marine Life
While it is definitely true that there are less large cod than previously to be seen in the water under the bridge, it is always possible to spot some kind of fish there. I have twice seen large eels during June, and there are various types of smaller fish to be seen.
Early in June I realised that several starfish had emerged on the sea bed. Now, at the end of June, it is clear that there are thousands of small starfish emerging. I have noticed gulls eating them, but in spite of this, there is such a huge quantity of starfish that it would be safe to call this an epidemic.
Starfish on the sea bed by Gamle Nygårdsbro. 30/06/12

Starfish with Modem

There has been a clear increase in the amount of long, thin seaweed growing on the sea bed. Pictured below with two other interesting features: a large tire, and a crater.
Sea Bed By Gamle Nygårdsbro - June 2012

60°N 05°E
This installation was officially inaugurated on the 15th of June, and was given a high-pressure spray-clean for the occasion. Unfortunately one of the panels has since been warped and damaged - this was first spotted on June the 21st.
Preparations For Inauguration - 60˚N 05˚E

Preparations For Inauguration - 60˚N 05˚E

Damaged Panel - 60˚N 05˚E. 22/06/2012

Tributary - Møllendalselven
I have seen some very small trout jumping in the tributary, but these are a much rarer sight than before the commencement of a large building project directly beside the river in 2010.
The building site pump all their drainage water into the river. The water is sometimes clear, but often cloudy - even slightly up-stream from the building site's drain-pipes.
In spite of the pollution, there is a great deal of wildlife along the river - particularly various birds and ducks.

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