Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Intro Post - The Begining!

I first moved over the bridge (house that is) in 1998. Since then I have walked over the bridge many times over the coarse of an average week, and at all times of day.
I have always been fascinated by the marine and wildlife that live around this bridge, and have enjoyed following the various bicycles, shopping trolleys and other stuff that has been thrown in and (occasionally) fished out again.
When I first started paying attention to this area, staring into the water every time I walked past, there were always fish to be seen. This was part of the initial fascination.
Since then, the site has been through periods when people fished there very actively from the bridge, and now I spot fish more seldom there.
The Sea bed has also changed dramatically several times; at one point there were thousands of starfish all over the bed, and at other times there have been many more muscles. Perhaps these changes have been due to various building projects, such as the installation of the new light railway that now drives along the rout, perhaps due to municipal projects to clean the fjord, or most likely a combination of parameters at various times.
Now that I have a decent camera on my phone, I have decided (finally) to start this blog that is committed to documenting all environmental changes and observations made along Gamle Nygårdsbro.
The most obvious change taking place at the point of this post, is the construction of a large public art installation by Thorsten Goldberg. It replaces a rather interesting natural feature that has been a favourite spot for the local heron, and for the undergraduate arts students from "KiB" who are annually challenged to create something site specific in the area. This is an area that has been subject to relentless change over the past 10 years or so, and I expect such changes will continue, but what they might entail remains to be seen!

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