Sunday, May 27, 2012

Fish Sightings, April / May

Fish were perhaps the most definite reason that I became interested in observing this site. There used to be several cod swimming about at any given time. I have also seen flat fish and eels.
It is currently quite rare to spot any fish here, but here are some photos and observations from the few sightings I have made over the past few weeks:

Lone Starfish. 10/05/12, 9:47

At one time there were thousands of star fish all over the sea-bed, now there are none… well almost…

Cod Sighting 29/04/12

As Gamle Nygårdsbro has actually been fished from very regularly in recent years, it seems no surprise that other places around the tip of the lake/fjord, Store Lungårdsvann, are as good for spotting fish. This cod seemed clearly visible at the time although you kind-of have to take my word for it in this shot. Taken just behind the bus stop at Florida.

Multiple Fish Sighting (honest!) 16/05/12

On the 16th of May, at around midday, I saw a couple of healthy sized cod, as well as what looked like some very young sea trout swimming in the current. Also a third type of (small) fish with a rounder body. Wish I had a zoom on my phone-camera but hey…
Here it is possible to see one of the "trout". 
Actually I  don't know much about different types of anadromous (migrational) trout. There is a small river that meets the fjord not far from the bridge, but I don't know how likely it is that such small trout would be leaving fresh water territory already??

Cod Sighting 16/05/12

Here you can see a cod.

Unidentified small fish:
On the 26th of May, I saw a whole shoal of small fish (unknown species) playing in the current, as the tide went out. About the length of a hand span.
On the 27, again I saw a couple of these fish. 

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